Gina & Tommy’s Wedding


What a beautiful way to start off our spring wedding season. Yesterday, the Anthology Strings traveled to the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx for Gina & Tommy’s wedding. The gardens were in full force with the cherry trees and red buds and tulips blooming in all their glory, I believe this photo says it all…


Spring is here!

The ceremony was held at the outdoor pavilion, part of Abigail Kirsch We began the prelude with a selection of beautiful classical music.  As music floated through the air, the guests filled the space, it was warm and everyone was enjoying the sun. The mothers processed in to Lakme’s Flower duet, followed by Cannon in D for the bridal party and following the cute flower girl, Gina made her grand entrance to Bach’s Air in G.  After the ceremony, we headed to the indoor venue to play the cocktail hour. The ceremony was beautiful and we had a wonderful time.  Two very exciting people in attendance: Carley Roney, Founder of the and Martha Stewart apparently made a drive by on a golf cart and snapped a few photos, Our dream!! We were able to capture a few photos below, enjoy!


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