Bevin & Ned’s Wedding!

We are so happy to be playing fall weddings – the light is changing, the air is cooling and the leaves are turning a golden delicious color!

On Saturday, Amanda and I were lucky to return to The Old Field Vineyards for a duo wedding ceremony & cocktail hour. We played one of our favorite weddings of all time – Alan and Adam’s wedding a few years here, so returning felt wonderful. Brides, if you haven’t considered this location – its stunning: Sailboats lazily careening over the still bay waters, the moon was hanging perfectly over the waters edge.  Lights were dripping off the old oak trees… Dreamy!

So back to Bevin & Ned’s wedding! Amanda and I couldn’t help but notice just how dapper the entire wedding party and audience were – gorgeous! The ceremony was perfect, with the bride and groom reciting their own vows.  Bevin (myself included) Love Pride and Prejudice the movie – so we played the theme song from Pride & Prejudice for her processional – goosebumps! Cocktail hour was a blast – we played everything from classical to pop and rock and had a great time!  Oh and on the way back, we stopped to pet some goats – Love those farm stands 🙂




The View!



The guests



The ceremony








Cocktail hour w/ Reception Tent





The Program



Having a blast w/ Amanda!


Anthology Strings

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