New Trend: Processional Song Dedications!

Hi Everyone!

We have a lovely couple getting married in November.  She is a sparkly and beautiful teacher and he is a super enthusiastic fiance.  Here’s their scoop:  At our sit down meeting, my client told me that she wanted her fiance to pick her processional song.  That it would be a total surprise to her, and she would hear it as she walked down the aisle. How cool is that?? 

A couple of days later, a somewhat frazzled fiance wrote to me, saying he had to come up with a processional and not to worry, he just had to find the right one.  

Late last night I got ‘THE’ email! Boy, he picked the PERFECT song! I’m kinda freaking out and so excited to arrange it for this lovely couple.  The video of the song brought me to tears, so I can only imagine how it will sound on their big day. Stay tuned, I’ll make sure and post the song after their wedding! 

Just thought I’d share my thoughts here, and hope that this becomes more of a trend, what a great way to honor, surprise and show one’s love for each other than a real, in-the-flesh made song dedicated to your beloved!?





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